May 5th, 2002


Told you I'm whiny

So, I've been going to this V:TM LARP for about 2 1\2 years running now, and I've just started to notice something. Except for a few noted exceptions, everyone is interchangable. You could, quite literally, switch out one player for another one and the difference would be imperceptible. And this REALLY pisses me off. You would think that in a place like WOD, in would really bring out the best in Gamers. You would, typically, be wrong. I mean, there are literally 3 categories I could fit everyone into my game in to. And, now, I will illustrate

1. "Combat Fiend"

We have a guy in our game who does the most annoying shit you can possibly imagine. He'll make a character, and keep him off to the sidelines, make sure he interacts with NO-ONE, spends no EXP on him, and then, when he has 20-25 EXP accumlated from copious amounts of games, he'll go and challenge the Ravnos prim to a battle of wits, and, obviously, he'll lose. So, then, as a "show of great angst", he'll blow off his own head, and, according to our GENIUS storyteller, that's GREAT RP. So, he gets a bonus of 4 or 5 EXP points, and goes and makes an INSANELY powerful Malk that starts out with Demention 5. And you know what he does with it? "I touch you and you go insane. Shoot me. Now". So, he starts up a combat, and WAILS on the other person. Totally ruins alot of people's hard-earned characters and EXP.

That, my friends, is a good example of a combat fiend. Of course, that's only one breed. We have about 4 or 5 of them in the game, and they all have different tactics to blow your head off, but, they all have the same goal: "Become a God".

2. "Slut"

Now, I know our illustrious Community-Keeper already elaborated on this, but, I thought I'd put a personal spin on it, cause, I'm bitter.

A character of ours come to our game courtsey of her boyfriend, who is the aforemetioned Fiend. Now, she was feeling left out, and didn't really fit well in our group, but for some ungodly reason, she found us all extremely funny, so, she thought "Hey, why not be funny with these people AND make my boyfriend talk to me". So, she makes a Toreador(insert deritive snort here) and goes about flirting with every corpse she can. So, one of the guys falls for it and make her his in-game lover, so, they do that whole thing, but, it's not really a thing to scorn, cause, well, it's in game. THEN, she starts hitting on him out of game, and fliriting with everyone in-game. So, the guy just says "Screw it" and dies defending her against a pack of Garou. So, then, as a FINAL try, he makes a Wraith and tries to get her to RP well. She just, literally, ignores him and goes about, in and out of game, pinching\calling\kissing everyone she can. So, he ignores her back and crosses her off as a Fetter. So, next game, she comes dressed in see-through clothes and starts doing EVERYTHING she can to get him to be...hrmm...interested. He tells her off, out of character, and she runs off crying to her boyfriend Needless to say, her boyfriend\her don't play with us much anymore.

She's basically the only example of a Slut in our game, except for a few girlfriends who make up REALLY bad excuses to be allowed to hang all over there signifcant others while they are in character. Meh.

And, finally, the EVER-PRESENT sterotype. "Angst-Machine"
I know you all know him,so, I'll skip the rambling story and say just this. There's at LEAST 5 in every game. Get used to it.
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