April 27th, 2002


Rules of Roleplay

Rules of roleplay.

"All Instances of the roleplay are to be kept strictly within those confines, OOC (Out Of Character) Actions are not taken into consideration during a Roleplay, nor should they ever affect an IC ( In character) Setting."

"Roleplay must be fair, roleplay is done so that one side should not have a clear nor immortal overture over another, unless cleanly agreed to. (Ex. Grugg Brings his club down on Micky's neck, Micky stands up again, dusts himself off and rearranges his vertebrae) Micky is clearly demonstrating an immortality in the RP, therby vetoing his own character. Unless it is clearly understood by all parties that Micky is truly immortal, only then can he do that."

"When everything is said and done, the context of an RP should never have to affect OOC friendships."

GOLDEN RULE: "Enjoy the RP, if you are not enjoying it, take actions to make it more enjoyable."

What else can people think of to add to these...I think I covered a lot of bases
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