April 26th, 2002

  • pasje


I'm on a roll tonight.. or.. maybe just a little bored coz i shot off my messengers (yes.. all of them!)

friend of mine posted this on a bulletin board.

i KNOW this doesn't ahve anythign to do with roleplay.. but i think i have only one of you on my own friends list.. and i really would like to hear some opinions on this link..

so apologies before hand on the non subject.. sorry sorry sorry..

now please check out the link?

No "where's wally" but "where's the boeing".

Can you spot it? I couldn't.. and it scares me.
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  • pasje

back in topic ;)

OK.. So if you are ST in a game.. and you think about what happened on sept 11th.
or any major thigns in the world really. Do you take those into your chronicle/storyline?

What kind of impact have major news events in your roleplay?
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