April 25th, 2002

  • pasje


Sometimes i run into a sheet on line. that makes me blink.. several times.

With this one.. what made me blink is the fact that it's a 5th gen brujah antitribu.. with 52 dots in disciplines.

Nathan Hunter
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  • pasje

more of the same :)

just some sheets that people either make on my generator..

No.. they are not part of my own chronicle.. and they're not my sheets ;)

sheet 1
Very obviously a freestyler, forced to make a sheet anyway.

sheet 2

ok.. i'm just saying.. no comment.. no no no no.. no comment.

Sheet 3

I know this kid.. trust me.. he didn't get his scores or his gen from gameplay.. but just from getting dot happy at the creation of his char, THAN claiming he played it for x years.

Sheet 4

*just starts to cry*
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