April 17th, 2002

Dark Ages: Vampire and White Wolf's Folly

I'm going to beat Kat to the punch here and talk about the new Dark Ages: Vampire website at White Wolf Online. A lot of changes on the horizon and I for one am excited and pleased thus far. Via Diabolis, the Road of the Devil, and Via Equitim, are gone, replaced with the Road of Sin (Via Peccati) and the Road of Kings (Via Regalis). The standard Abilities have been tweaked a little, too. Acting is gone, as is Larceny, which is replaced with Legerdemain, a good catch-all for both if you've ever played Trinity. Herbalism is gone, too, absorbed into Medicine, and Music has become Performance. There's also a new Skill called "Commerce," which as I can guess is a Dark Ages version of Bureaucracy and Finance. Finally, Science is gone, replaced with the very appropriate Theology.

From what I understand, the Laibon are being removed, too, but anyone who's kept up with this whole "Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom" fiasco knows about that. That's another story altogether. Apparently, an outline of a huge Vampire supplement called "Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom" got uploaded on accident to White Wolf Online. It's genuine, I'm sure, and that link, if it hasn't been forcibly taken down, is proof. Seems interesting enough to me. The Laibon definately deserved this change. It reminds me of the Bushi and Gaki and their evolution into the Kuei-jin. Anyway, it's a Vampire Day for me. :- p
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What is brown and sounds like a bell....

From GurpsNET, the first section is mine, the next is the response.

> I recently got hold of Egypt, and am interested in doing a Supers game. I
> like the idea of setting the game in ancient Egypt, but I don't, really
> don't, want the characters to be in any way associated with the gods. In
> other words, I don't want them to be avatars, incarnations, or blessed
> types. I want them to be common folk that just happened to get superhuman
> abilities be whatever origin. More or less, just like modern comics but
> in the day.
> Any suggestions?

Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 15:18:42 -0500
Subject: Re: Egyptian Superheros

Neat idea. I don't know if this is going to get to close to being
associated with gods, but the supers could be the result of alien
interference within Egypt. This could go one of two ways. In one way, the
superheroes were purposefully created by advanced alien technology. Each
Egyptian superhero could have a certain number of points to spend on
improvements and/or access to TL 12+ technology thanks to ET. In this case,
the superheroes are probably battling the creations of another alien race
trying to interfere with the Egyptian civilization.
Another way to get the superheroes would have them be the _accidental_
result of alien involvement: one day, a scarab beetle was zapped by an
alien probe ray...the zapped beetle bites Peter-Parkatenaketon, scribe for
the pharaoh, and poof! Scarab-Man was born (insert theme music).
Scarab-Man might need to fight the aliens that accidentally created him, or
maybe he needs to take on the corrupt pharoah. Even a pharaoh without
super/god powers could pose a threat to Scarab-Man since the pharaoh
commands a large army. Scarab-Man's allies might be a collection of other
Egyptian invertebrates or you might want to tie into animals used with the
pantheon of Egyptian gods even if their powers aren't derived from the gods.

I haven't read Supers or Egypt, so I don't know how much damage a two meter
rolled ball of dung would do, but its something to consider.


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d20 vs. Gurps, my take

<lj-cut text="Not talking, ranting" Many players of the d20 system are enjoying a great deal of gaming. There has been talk that it is the new end-all-be-all of systems. It's mechanics have been praised, and many already established games are making forays into the d20 world, Deadlands, and Call of Cthulhu to name but two. I would like to call this example to attention :http://www.broncosaurusrex.com/aboutbrorex.php This looks like a great game, one that may never have seen the light of day had it not taken the d20 route. Could Gurps have done this? Yeah, it already has. Not in so a complete volume, or with this paticular background, but it has in many way. Basic Formula Gurps Space, Dinosaurs, Old West, Sprits, to name but a few. Some judicious imagination on the GM's part, some extra original ideas, a dash of individual flavour and boom. Gurps Broncosaurus Rex. Already there. I hate to say it, but d20 is just the new kid on the block, taking advantage of a large corporation to back it up. This is were my maturity arguement comes into play. I would not go out to far and say that d20 is an immature system, or it's players immature. Maturity takes a alot of initiative and creativity at time. Gurps take great advantage of those qualities, and makes the most of them. Sure, it has it's share or worldbooks and coversions, Castle Falkenstein (which it is building on) and Deadlands (building on as well), and adaptations of novels (Lensman, New Sun, Myth)are all examples of that. But it takes some extra steps to build a world with Gurps, steps which can pay off. As much as any other system really does, extra steps that is, but Gurps is tailor made for it. And it has tons of options that d20 has a weakness in. Different combat systems to suit the campaign, a flexible magic system that encourages divergence, and a system of advantages and disadvantages that allow you to modify thru enhancments and limitations. Nobody can reinvent the wheel. Meaning there is no such thing as an original idea in this case. Or ideas of world backgrounds and character concepts are all based on older ideas, and are wholly original for moments at best. And that is my major beef with levels and classes. Sure it may provide a path to follow, but after awhile that becomes staid (IMHO, as most if not all of this rant is) . I prefer something with flexability. My two cents. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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Looking for someone...

...who knows White Wolf's aberrant system and XML.

I'm working at developing a Win32 application to create Aberrant characters and I want to be able to have one of the output options be to dump it to XML. Right now, I just want to pass a DTD past someone who might be able to see if I've missed anything or misallocated element properties...

Games That Suck -- In Reverse

There's been an interesting discussion going on about d20 and GURPS, and sort of as a follow-up (and as a follow-up to a lovely Games that Suck panel at a recent con) I put forth the following question: What system/game do you like the most that not enough people are playing?

For me, there are two. I adore _Castle Falkenstein_, its world, its rules, everything. But I haven't actually played it, so I can't tell you how it runs.

For games that play well, it's all props to BESM, both 1st and 2nd editions. Char gen in straightforward and smooth, play is easy and combat is streamlined. I adore almost everythign about it, up to and including the very simple rules which are perfect for my decidedly non-Simulationist mind.


Our Old Quote Sheet

We realized that part of the fun was the goofy memorable stuff we said in game, so we started keeping The Quote Sheet. I haven't been in a game worthy of updating it in ages, but I drag it from computer to computer, and I thought I'd share some of it.

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