April 16th, 2002

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Abberant update

Ok, this is how things stand thus far. I'll give a quick recap for those who didn't read my earlier post. March 17th, if you wanna go back and reference it.

I run Abberant about once or twice a month and the players all work for the DeVries Agency. They've been hired to protect a young up and coming nova artist who has learned he was being used by the Medellin cocaine cartel and is turning states evidence against the cartel's operatives in New York. The cartel, of course, is going to try to waste him. They have a week and a half to sit on him until the court date.

So far, the cartel has only sent a local street gang in to kill him, mostly to see what kind of protection he has. Was kinda funny watching their reactions to the fact that a bullet went right between the eyes of the statue he was unveiling. I have yet to introduce the FBI and DEA operatives assigned to the case. I have a basic framework of how this is gonna go, but it's always the minutea that gets me.

Any suggestions on how to make this better or just random things to throw in there?
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