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Hey, kids. I'm new to the community, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm the editor for rpgnews.com... I also play virtually everything. You can find all sorts of RPG (and other game) reviews at:


Also, I'd like to urge people to submit, submit, submit. If you have anything newsworthy, even changes to your own fan site, please
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Hey, kids. I'm new to the community, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm the editor for rpgnews.com... I also play virtually everything. You can find all sorts of RPG (and other game) reviews at:


Also, I'd like to urge people to <a href="http://www.rpgnews.rpghost.com/submit.php">submit</a>, <a href="http://www.rpgnews.rpghost.com/submit.php">submit</a>, <a href="http://www.rpgnews.rpghost.com/submit.php">submit</a>. If you have anything newsworthy, even changes to your own fan site, please <a href="<a href="http://www.rpgnews.rpghost.com/submit.php">submit it</a>. I'm especially glad to hear from the indie RPG scene.

Something that I wish Werewolf players would take into account.

You are moving through the woods. Your mother's line has been here for centuries; you can smell it. All throughout your 100+ mile territory you can catch the scent of your family. Six months ago your brother was here, he was moving with a bitch from a neighboring pack and had just killed a hare. It was summer and he was well fed at the time. You can trace the location of any of your family, the woods are a map for you. Now it is winter, your family is no longer moving in ones and twos. You're moving as a pack, hunting the larger game. The pups have grown and you no longer have to fear them dying of starvation. Though one had to be killed in the autumn when it began to suffer fits. The Alpha pair have relegated their positions now that mating has concluded. Your sister leads the pack now. She's a good hunter and can track better than anyone in the pack. The previous Alpha pair were cruel and domineering, now they trail the pack, eating the remains of the kill. They are omega, outsiders to the pack. Your sister and a new male make up the Alpha pair for the winter. They alone scent mark their paths. Marking once every 2 minutes. To the south you pick up the scent of feces 1 month old, a warning marker. Likely a hunter's trap was placed there that your sister found. The play that the pack engaged in with the pups while they were still infants has been paying off. Allowing them to nip at the ruff of your neck has taught them an important hunting tactic, one that will be needed to take down a moose. Your mother stops and stares into the distance. The remainder of the pack, seemingly acting on some sort of extrasensory cue, begins to look in that direction as well. The Alpha pair being the last to look. Your sister leans her head back and howls, the pack joins in and harmonizes. This gives the impression of far more wolves than there actually are. 3 wolves rapidly become 8 or 9 because of this tactic. The Alpha pair runs towards the scent of prey, the pack fanning out to their flanks. You come across 3 moose. Two are healthy and don't seem to even care that you are there, they know why you are here and back off casually. The third moose is sick, it stands up slowly on shakey legs and tries to face your pack as it's companions leave. It knows why you and your pack are there and feebly tries to stop the alpha pair from making the kill. The 2 remain leave the scene, walking slowly and unintimidated as you begin to feast. Eating about 13-14 pounds of meat in one sitting.

It must be amazing to be a wolf. And it's something that is completely ignored in Werewolf.

White-Wolf. A Rant

What is the point?

I was talking to vebelfetzer about this this weekend. I'm starting to have very big issues with White Wolf games. Specifically LARP. The problems I'm going to bitch about can be solved by a good table top ST. But they are innate problems for live action.

A good example is Vampire: The Masquerade. Why be a vampire? Why is it essential for the game? This game would be exactly the same if it was any other kind of supernatural creature or even just a bunch of socialites. There is no reason the characters need to be dead, drink blood, or have special powers. It's a politicking game, and something that doesn't take personal horror into account at all. There really isn't any horror in LARP vampire. It's just a bunch of social maneuvering. When you hunt you just tell the ST you're hunting and get some blood back. There isn't any introspection on the terror that is involved in living on the blood of the living. It's just a few dots on your char sheet. A table top ST can better enforce this horror and add a very personal touch to the hunt, and even run entire games where the characters are just hunting. But for LARP it isn't likely. It's a real shame.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse: runs into a similar problem. How many LARP werewolf players, or just werewolf players in general, just play humans with super powers? Nearly all of them, right? Even if you are playing homid (human born werewolf) you are still half wolf. Half of you is providing instincts that are alien to you. Instincts to kill the weak, to move constantly, to mark territory, to establish social heirarchy, to submit when is needed, to be dominant when is needed, etc etc. All sorts of instincts. There is also a fear of technology that should be inate in all werewolves except for Glasswalkers. And ALL werewolves should fear silver. The reason that klaive duelers are so bad ass is that they are brave enough to work with silver. But for some fucked up reason everyone and his dog wants a GUN with SILVER BULLETS. Thus, Werewolf traditionally sucks because no one seems to think about what it would really mean to be a werewolf. And even in table top you tend to get people who behave like humans. They aren't defending territory and attacking the wyrm out of instinct, instead they are sitting around moping and complaining about lack of adequet showers on the caern.

And what really sucks is that these games could be so great but there are some built in flaws that surface through the use of the supernatural creatures as main characters that tends to drive the games into the ground.

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Greetings fellow roleplayers and just people whict are crusing by.
i just joined ye' community... heh... its cool a little bit of facts that are not in my user info:

I have been playing tabletop for 6 years now; D&D, AD&D, D&D third, GURPS, vampier mask. kinders of the east, star wars, call of cthulhu and a bunch of others.

BUT my real passion is LARP. I love it.. been playing for 5 years now the last 2 i have been a "master" whit a bunch of others in a roleplaying society; ARDA. the hp is currently in danish. logic when we are a danish group ^___^
we have prox. 100 - 200 players each time not much but we are only 2 years ô.Ô
I also play live furtur and TWOD - damn thats funny... malkavians rulz...

well that a little thing from now.
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