April 9th, 2002

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Anyone know of any online games, MU*s in particular, that have gotten in trouble with the law over 'adult situations' that minors were involved in? I'm a young gamer myself, and I find censorship and absolute banning of minors from a MU* extremely aggrivating. I'm quite aware that there are adult games out there and banning of minors is fine with me, but some games don't even want to deal with us kiddies.
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Alec Ross JLA

Please allow me to introduce myself

Okay since it seems the thing for the older hands to introduce themselves (and I never did initially) allow me to do so

My names Roy

I live in Liverpool in the UK as many who have had comments of di dthat make it to the UK are aware

I'm 36 and started roleplaying in my teens

I DM'd various games as the mood took me from D & D, Runequest, Empire of the Petal Throne through to Kult and In Nomine but my favourite is still Call of Cthulhu

I've not played for a couple of years but have still been developing ideas for a super hero game to be run in the Heropress PBM system if I settle to writing it up and a fantasy game likely to get off the ground first using a mix of GURPS and Pendragon but in my own world

I've generally opinions on most things in gaming especially to do with the psychology of gaming and DM'ing

I'm also quite interested in playing in online games but the time difference with the US makes that awkward

Okay well that tells you next to nothing but not to worry