April 4th, 2002




I figured I would explain dragonstorm since it is not a widely distributed game.

Dragonstorm is a collectable card ROLEPLAYING game. Instead of using a sheet of paper to keep track of your character stats and equipment you have a stack of cards. Of course there are commons, uncommons and rare cards. There are 270 cards in the main set(90/90/90) and 180 in the 2nd set called Kanchaka (60/60/60). I honestly got started with dragonstorm because of the artwork on the cards. I really like it. The other reason I like it is because 1/2 the cards are for characters, and the other 1/2 are GM cards. Even though I havent GMed, I know for me having the cards will make it easier to formulate a champaign. The GM cards are scenes, territories, NPCs and features for the NPCs. The point system is such that if you add up the points of your players and then the points of your scene if they are close to equal then the party and the scene are evenly matched.

Backround for the system. You are on a world warped by evil magic. The Necromancers drain the magic for their evil plans and leave behind a warped tainted world. Unless they have drained it all then the place is wasted. The players are shapeshifters and others who go out to fight the evil. Now the necromancers want the world to believe that the shapeshifters are the cause of all the warp.

Guess that is about it.
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Gamers, Gender, and Actual Scholarship!

A year or two ago, I livedin Bellingham, Washington. While I was busy getting my history/chemistry degrees, my roommate was busy getting her anthropology degree. And going to conferences. And writing publishable papers.

And, while she didn't get published, she did present at conferences. And one of her papers is entitled "Dungeons, Dragons, and Gender: Role-Playing Games and the Participation of Women." It can be found, in its entirety, here:


Take a look. It's pretty interesting, is eminently readable by laymen (my friend being a lay-person, at least where gaming is concerned.) and, well, it's neat.

It's also the reason why I will forever love Steve Jackson. She wrote to a number of gaming companies, asking of they had data. Most places had marketing people write back. Steve Jackson himself wrote her back. Way spiffy.

So, yeah. Go read.
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Famous Last Words

"A creature with two BABOON heads on a scaly REPTILIAN body? With TENTACLES for arms? Hunh. Must be some stupid wizard's magical construct. Let's kill it."

"I rolled a 20. How could that be a miss?"

"He has a threat rating of WHAT ?"

"No, I wasn't reading the module. I was just looking at the pictures."

"Open that door, slut!" {said by PC to another PC(female fighter), she cuts him in two after that}

"By the way, what's the reverse of "summon"?"

"Is this scroll pronounced 'HAStur HAStur' or 'HasTUR HasTUR' ?"

Apprentice: "Well, Master, I finally managed to learn the enlarge spell. Now, could you please tell me how one gets rid of a 50' big rat ?"

"What do you mean 'No reaction' ? I hit him again harder !"

-- Selections from the Canonical List of Famous Last Words