April 2nd, 2002

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looking to sink my fangs into a new game!

Let me introduce myself again for the first time!
I�ve been posting in these communities for a while and it never dawned on me to introduce myself. (that because every one has made me feel so comfortable, awhhh!)

My real world name is Mike D. (like the beastie boy only I was first!) but everyone calls me Milky (yea I�ve heard every joke about it you could possibly think of) and I used to run a Vampire game in Cleveland Ohio but it disbanded due to conflicting job hours and scheduling, so I�m looking to find another game to join. I have more fun playing then running and I�m finding it difficult to get in to a game that�s mature, fun, and open minded to race! (Which I�m finding to be a slight problem here on the west side) So if you know of any games going on in the Cleveland area near the west side or are running a game drop me a line and let me know!

I�m really looking to sink my fangs into a new game.

I also have a posting at the white wolf site that tells a little more about me.
*game finder
*Ohio, Cleveland
*Milky (md_systems@yahoo.com)
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