March 29th, 2002

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I am S.E.I.K.A #5.
It stands for Synthetic Electronic Infiltration and Killing Android.

I have been sent from the planet, Technon to America to infiltrate and discover the secrets that petty humans hold within them.

My counterpart - Erica, is Angel_0355.

I am not the only Technon-based Android - there are many across the planet (usually one in every large country)
I was assigned to "America."

So - I must find out everything there is to know about "America" -- before my 5 years on this planet are up.

Seika#5 out.
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Speaking of munchkins in Rifts . . .

My group used to do Rifts pretty heavily (since then, every GM but me has moved to other stuff, and I'm almost totally ignoring the rule system). One player we had was actually a pretty good player overall, but he had a tendency to twink his characters until we told him not to. My personal favorite anti-twink device is to figure out some way to kill the character, ideally something a sane character would have no problem with.

Well, this player had done some absurd stat boosts and modifications and found a spell that, in the end, gave him a ten-foot spherical barrier around him with about 1900 MDC.

Note that a tank has around 200 or 300 MDC. The enormous near-invincible battle platforms the Coalition uses have around 900 MDC. Within the shield, he was pretty weak, but from the outside he was likely immortal.

The solution? Mutant camoflauged cockroaches.

"You notice a foot-long cockroach crawling towards you."
"I turn on my shield."
"It's already within the shield."
". . . oh."

I actually never ended up using the cockroaches, for the primary reason that he never ended up using the character (we talked him out of it) but it sure was an amusing mental image.

character concept

I thought I'd share this with all of you since my ideas have had receptive listeners. Tell me what you think of this (keep in mind, this is a Deadlands character):

Gilbert Lott had a dream when he was a boy: He wanted to be able to fly. As he grew older, and the inventions of ghost rock rekindled his imagination, he took up scientific study. He was sadly a mess when it came to classroom studies, always being a much more physically active student, his mind could never quite grasp the logics behind ghost rock powered devices, or coal powered devices for that matter. But he became very good at fixing them when they eventually broke down. He opened a small shop for a while and supplied scientists and consumers alike with quick repairs and small improvements on their household and not-so-household gadgets. His dream never forgotten, he saved his money from his small business until he could afford a rocket pack, a marvelous invention that would finally allow him to soar high into the clouds. Knowing how disasterous a mishap with the device might be, he toiled over the device, trying to improve its design, streamline its ghost rock intake, and put safety catches on the exhaust ignition.
Gilbert Lott is not an exceptional man.
Gilbert Lott is not an important man.
Gilbert Lott is not a sane man.
But he has a faithful and loyal best friend, Scratch.
A shiny black labrador retriever that has been by his side for many years, and will probably be with him for many more years. Nobody, not even Gilbert, really remembers when Scratch showed up, but he's been such a loyal companion to Gilbert, and by his side so often that even Gilbert's best friends don't remember a time when he didn't have the dog by with him.
Scratch is an exceptional dog.
Scratch is an important dog.
Scratch is a Blessed dog.

Scratch is the "real" character and Gilbert is a sidekick. Though Gilbert, as well as the other players, are meant to believe that Gilbert is the character and Scratch is the sidekick. Scratch is a Blessed, and so can heal wounds and perform certain other miracles, but is incredibly loyal to Gilbert and so doesn't really use his miracles on other people. Gilbert is a typically inept sidekick, his one redeeming feature is that he owns a rocket pack and knows how to use it, so he could be a useful scout for the party. I plan on keeping a journal as if Gilbert is writing it (he's also a Doubting Thomas) and so it will be filled with lines like "I'm glad Scratch was there" or "I have no idea how Scratch showed up at that moment"
Any comments? Questions?
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Character Journals.

I was just wondering if anyone would actually think about giving their character a journal. I'm cooking one up for my currently most-played character. I think its fun to write out the things that happen in their lives the way they would.

Would you do it, ever?