March 27th, 2002

question about setting

Ok, so I have another of those questions that there is no one right answer for. When you are Gming a game do you write out the descriptions for places that the PCs will go to before hand, or do you just wing it and improvise? As for me I have been winging it, but I feel that at times I forget to include small details in my descriptions, and though they may be unimportant I would really like to make the descriptions vivid and interesting. But on the other hand I like to shy away from just reading verbatim from text cause, that in my opinion causes the vitality/spontaneity to be sucked out of the experience. So my question is what have yall had success with and what did you do?

Star Wars RPG amusement.

So two of my PCs, after a trying mission, go to the OC and start drinking. Heavily.

When they sober up, they've made a bet. A race. The Hotshot Pilot gets his bike. The techie, Blake, gets to do whatever else he wants - cheat as much as he wants, but he can't sabotage the other bike. That's the rules.

Blake, despite everything, ends up way, way, WAY behind.

So I started being the Voice of the Dark Side. He ended up getting FOUR Dark Side Points in that race. It was insane. The worst part was that after the FIRST one, he did it all by himself for the other three. Just went nearly berserk, all sorts of nastiness ensued.

The next session, with the just-now-getting-to-Jedi Knight PC confronting him, should be very, VERY interesting.
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