March 26th, 2002

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  • zamiel

D&D, Ironclaw, and Jadeclaw

Just in case anyone becomes curious, my recent personal LJ entries have been frequently about developing a character I had an idea for. Sadly, it started in D&D3, but after several gyrations of trying to get a starting character that would conform to what I really wanted to be able to do, on a whim I migrated him to Ironclaw and everything fell right into place.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

I'll go out on a limb here and say I'm no fan of D20 in general, and D&D in particular, in the main because having a character that's actually fully competent and fun to play right out of the gate is so hard. I'm more than a casual collector of RPGs in general (as my publication credits and reputation amongst a few of the industry attest), and its a very difficult thing to appeal to me on the basis of system representation for any class-based system, even less easy to do so with D&D which, frankly, I'm just tired of after being exposed for 20 years or more.
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