March 25th, 2002

Maybe it needs to be re-stated...

I GM a Deadlands game on sunday evenings. Mainly, if you're familiar with Deadlands or Doomtown, the campaign takes place in Gomorra, a thriving ghost-rock-mining boomtown in the California Maze. In the card game there is a deed called the Gomorra Gazette, it represented the local newspaper by making characters more or less powerful socially (don't ask). In the sourcebook for the RPG it states that the Gomorra Gazette is printed only once a week, every saturday.
Feeling creative, I decided to spice up my gaming sessions by creating and printing Gomorra Gazette newspapers in MS Word 5.0
Here's a crappy graphic of the first one. I've made about three so far.

If you're interested in seeing them in all of their MS Word glory, e-mail me at with the subject heading "I want the Gomorra Gazette!"

Games in Seattle (Because I feel a little deprived)

I'd really like to mess around with Warhammer 40 and Necromunda again. Does anyone around here play?

I'm also somewhat interested in trying out Mage Knight.

Also, are there any decent LARPs in Seattle because so far all I've seen is a bunch of shit. I was going to start my own, but with the Cam dying and everyone getting bitter over LARPs I suspect it would be still born.

And I'd like to play in a good TT Werewolf or Vampire game with people who understand the horror aspect of it.

Just thought I'd throw that out.