March 22nd, 2002



So I introduced myself here a long time ago, but then I never posted anything else. So maybe I should do it again?

Hey all. I'm from Cleveland and I'm one of the biggest dorks you'll ever meet. I've been gaming for...hmm...13 years now.

I used to play a lot of LARP, but I'm on hiatus from it, having decided that I like tabletop a lot better. I'm on vacation from White Wolf games in general right now.

I currently play: D&D 3rd, and Dark Conspiracy, which I'm sure most of you have never heard of. I'll be playing In Nomine soon. It'd be great if I could play Nightlife again- but again, that's pretty obscure. I have a bad habit of collecting games that I never play.

I also run a Yahoogroup for NE Ohio Gamers- Neo-G for short. Clever, eh? You can go here for more info.

Oh, and if anyone can find me a new copy of the Dark Conspiracy rules, you'll be my hero. And I'm out.

Stop the Insanity! >_

I think White Wolf is going a little overboard with their "by Night" titles lately. If they keep up this pace, there won't be anything left. Iberia by Night and New York by Night in 2001, Cairo by Night in 2002 and yes, as some of you know, San Francisco by Night will be released in a couple of months along with such other "fine" supplements as World of Darkness: Mafia, Havens of the Damned and "Rage Across the Kitchen."

Don't get me wrong, some of these titles are half-decent. I just think that White Wolf needs to slow down. Come on, by the time they're done, we'll have a friggin' Provo by Night. Alright, San Francisco is needed. Baltimore is also in the works, pending the results of those storyline VtES tournaments. I think there's going to be a Mexico City, too. Personally, I'd like to see Detroit and Salt Lake City. Detroit is the consummate World of Darkness city. You know I'm right...and it's Sabbat, with a Nosferatu antitribu Archbishop. How cool is that? Nos Power!

Don't be surprised when you're reading a copy of "Little Rock by Night." -_-
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mal d'aurora

warhammer fantasy aid to siberia!

my fiance found this posted on the WPS Forum, which he says is the best, most civil and
mature games forum he's found.....

Hello, wargame lovers.
We are from Siberia, Russia and we are interested in game Warhammer: The
Fantasy Battles. We are modellers for about 4 years. It's a pity, but we
have no such games in our country, so we've been making our own rules until
our friend, who has been in England, has presented to us the basic set of
Warhammmer: the Fantasy Battles. The idea of combining the middle-age
battles and themysterious world of fantasy was outstanding for us. After
three months of playing we started to look for Warhammer gamers, but the only
club in Russia is in Moscow which is about 2000 miles from us and not trade
by mail. So we'd be very grateful if you will answer some questions:
We want to start the club. How can we buy models, and may be it is some sort
of discount for starting clubs, because many of our friends are interested
in this game the salary in our city is about 60-120$ a month.

Can we find some literature, more fully teaching in some moments of rules,
or may be some professionals to answer our questions? Some of them:
1). In the rulebook, when we count the Combat Result, What unit strengh
we'll take - at the beginning of the combat or at the end?
2). Fast Cavalry May Marsh move, and then take free reform. Is it possible
to walk for 3*move such way or each model may walk only 2*move?
3). If there is no wizard in the army may the army dispel?
4). What is Mordheim, and how it deals with Warhammer: The Fantasy Battles?

We'd be very grateful if somebody would help us to interest Siberia people
with Warhammer. If you have some materials or may be models you don't use,
and if it is not difficult to you you please send it to

Mazin Dmitriy
Russkaya 9-157
Post Index 630058,

Or on E-mail

Looking forward to your answers:
Mazin Dmitriy,
Buharov Roman,
Predtechensky Maksim,
Artamonov Mikhail.

P.S. We can't use Internet often, so please don't post answers to forum,
E-mail it.
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fone cam stuff

(no subject)

again, no game tonight, the campaign is officially on hold right now
this is getting annoying, I want to play
but on a good note, we may be starting Earthdawn next month
I've never played Earthdawn so I'm interested in seeing what it's like

has anyone played Earthdawn out there and if so, whats it like?
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