March 17th, 2002

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anyone here play Gemstone 3?

On the off chance that someone does..

I'm quitting the game, after six years of storm troll smashing. My character has many an item which i would like to see stay in game circulation. So if you play, and are intersted in some free stuff and possibly some game coin, email me.

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Ok, need some quick (or maybe not so quick) advice

I intend to run Abberant again in a couple of weeks. The players all work for the DeVries company and are about to be hired to protect the star witness in an organized crime case. Specifically, a prominent nova sculptor (who's all of 18, BTW) has recently discovered that his art is being used to smuggle cocaine into the country by the Medellin cartel and that they're using auctions of his art to launder money. So he's turning states evidence and testifying against the agents of the cartel in New York. The players job is simply to keep him alive long enough to reach trial. Of course, there'll be nova assassins after him, baselines with guns, car bombs, a rival with an axe to grind, yadda yadda yadda. My problem is structure.

I'm not quite sure exactly how to make the story progress. I don't wanna send the nova assassins after him first, because I'm saving that for the climactic final battle. I'm just not sure I know just what steps the cartel would take in taking him out and how it would escalate. Plus would Team Tomorrow be involved? The Directive? I'm sure the DEA and the Justice Department would send in their own novas, so what role would the players take in all this? My brain is being taxed, so any help would be appreciated.
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