March 15th, 2002

tea dammit

New Member-wahoozie!

Hi everyone! I'm a new member here, just joined like yesterday, thought I'd say my hellos. I love RIFTS, it's my favorite to play. I used to play every week sometimes more than once a week, but then things happen and I don't get a chance to play as much. This makes me sad. I've thought a couple times about starting an Online campagin through AIM, (you can roll up to 15d999 there, wahoozie!) but Im not really a GM. I live near Boston, on the south shore, and there seems to be a severe lack of gamers around here for RIFTS. ;_;
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I'm currently working on some sort of mini-campaign in a setting of not so distant future. Cyberpunk Sci-fi, of sorts. There is gonna be a lot of netrunners involved so I took the liberty to make a logistic map of a matrix interface.

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shameless plug

I just bought this really great GM book
I've only gotten about halfway through it and it's already given me alot of useful tips, alot of stuff I already knew and some perspectives of GMing that I hadn't previously considered.
My favorite quote so far is "Rule books are not role-playing games, any more than screenplays are movies."
I highly recommend at least a glance through a few pages if you're not willing to plunk down a meager $10 for this handy manual.

p.s.- No, I didn't write it, I don't work for SJgames, and I'm not friends with anyone on their staff