March 9th, 2002


...Hey Everyone...

Hey, I've been reading this community for a few weeks and decided to join.
I've only been roleplaying for a little over a year, so don't ask what edition of D&D I play, because I don't know. (Actually, I think it's 2nd.)

My current charrie, Layn (Say: "Lane"), is my pride and joy. Look in my profile to get the gist of him.
Basically he's a Malkavian vampire, started in White Wolf, but got pulled into RIFTS. I'll have his portrait up in a day or two. He started out insane, but the trip to RIFTS took the nutcase out of him, and replaced it with a sense of self...and left all the smarts. =)

His current quest is to assassinate someone called Yoritomo...which Layn suspects is the leader of a Japanese vampire clan. I suppose they're bad.

Oh well, I'm bored.


Vv Layn vV
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