March 8th, 2002


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For anyone who enjoys stories about the Players You Love To Hate, this is highly recommended. I've heard story after story about this guy, and finally someone who knows of him well is on LJ ;)

RIFTS battle.....

Well I decided to make some Heros in the RIFTS RPG, well I made Punisher, Wolverine, and my fav....Blade. They are all Demigods, and have some interesting for Blade...he kicks so much ass vs. Undead, espacaly vamps.

I pitted Blade up against Kingu, which is another god/demigod from the panthions book.....first melee of just fist fighting.....Blade took 23 hit points worth of damage, and regenerated 10 of it back. Kingu took 481MD and regenerated 30 of it back.

Blade has 1670 HP....Kingu has 9000MD

That was a fist since Kingu doesnt use weapons...he still has to use his fists, but I had Blade bust out his sword......Blade took 14 hit points and regenerated 8 of them back. Kingu took 4910MD (Millenium wood) and regenerated 20 of it back.

Blade: 1651 HP........Kingu: 3659MD

note that Blade whops ass hard core vs any type of Vamp.

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