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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Tuesday, March 5th, 2002
12:40p - Email-based rpg's?
Can anyone reccomend some good online email-based role playing games? Preferably free ones :)

current mood: bored

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1:27p - Game review
The first review for a game I worked on:


Got 4-stars. Not bad.

current mood: accomplished

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The scourge of Mage has gone. We finally have magick back

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3:13p - Hehehe..
I'm a long-time gamer. Been gaming online and off since I was twelve, almost ten years now [okay, okay, so it's long-time in my eyes]. Just stumbled across your community, so I thought I might as well join. :)

Anyway.. Hi!

current mood: creative

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6:16p - Hi all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes this is my first time for this community, i have played D&D, although it was the older versions, i did enjoy that alot, i have also and currently am playing RIFTS, very fun and complex, however we are in need of a GM, ours went into the marines. We were also thinking about getting into Hunter, i was thinking about checking the LOTR RPG, and the new Star Trek RPG. However I am currently trying to build a good RIFTS campaign....if anyone out there plays RIFTS...please comment so i know who you are!


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11:03p - War for the Oaks PBEM - Players wanted

Imagine if you will two armies in perfect balance, one good and the other evil, headed by immortal queens. Their world, existing like a cloudy overlay to our own, has its own strict boundaries - a park in the human realm. Each season they have eight battles in an unending war over a disputed border - one on each of the pagan holidays, ending with Samhain [Halloween]. In between battles, the courts fight with a treachery only faeries can master.

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