February 21st, 2002

introduction and stuff

Hi yall, new to the community and just figured that Id say hi, and introduce myself to those of you who dont know me. I have been playing RPGs since I was about eight years old (17 years in total, god I feel old now) and tried a variety of systems, from classics, such as Macho Women With Guns ( ah, adolescence) to D&D (1st, 2nd and 3rd ed.), Exalted, Fading Suns, Adventure!, Gamma World etc. I have recently returned from a fairly long hiatus and have been involved in a few games, most notably a great game of Exalted, and am beginning to think about GMing. Well enough of me droning on for now, seeing as its almost 2am and I have school in the morning see yall later.
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Manx dont read this as it contains allusions to spoilers
Ok, so I thought I was going to bed but the Mountain Dew is coursing through my vanes and I dont think I could remain still long enough to fall asleep. Well, on to my question. It has recently fallen on me, due to our usual GMs burnout, to cobble together a campaign idea that I have been thinking about for quite some time. (I have a week and a half to at least get the first part of it done, so I am working on a rather tight deadline)My friends insist on calling it an evil campaign, whilst I consider it an alternative ethics campaign. I am planing on it being fairly low magic with a gritty,ruthless,dark feel. The characters are will start off fairly weak and get caught up in a power struggle not of their own making (the reactive part of the campaign). The plan after that is to have them, over the course of time, develop in power and prestige to the point where they might be calling the shots and deciding what they want to do (the proactive part). I have an idea of where I want it to go, but of course I am always open to new and innovative ideas and comments. So I ask this, have you ever played a campaign with characters who were not what you would call morally upstanding, and if so how did it work? In addition, is there any advice you can give me on its conduct or things that worked particularly well for you? Were there any easily overlooked and avoided pitfalls? Thanks in advance for your responses.
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meant to post this here awhile ago, instead I accidentally posted it to my own journal

I've got some new players coming into my game, so the role-playing problems might correct themselves in a few weeks, but I have a minor problem that needs a solution quickly

Let me set the stage:

1- the current PCs are located in a semi-isolated town whose population has been decimated by a seriously deadly plague

2- the current PCs are in the town because they are all in the service of a group of scientists called the Collegium, they have to protect the life of a Dr. Harold Topper, who insists on staying in the town and rebuilding both the morale of the villagers and the flow of traffic through the town, and won't leave until it's finished to his (my) satisfaction

3- the new players are making new characters

How do I integrate characters whose origins are from outside of the town and still give them a good reason to stay and help out, instead of flee from the plague (which is still raging)?

NOTES: having the Collegium send them is impossible because the PCs haven't told the Collegium where they are
this is a Deadlands campaign, set primarily in California and the Great Maze
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Any players of my game should not read the comments to this entry or else they will spoil the plotline of my adventure.

The Anti-Party Member

Well, I had a great session last night. We play the Star Wars RPG in the late Rise of the Empire era (4 years after Episode III), and the campaign has been going since mid-fall. I had been playing a Feeorin Antarian Ranger; Feeorins are Nym's species from Star Wars: Starfighter, and the Antarian Rangers were like special forces/scouts/survival experts dedicated to acting as a resource for the Jedi. Anyways, long story short, we stumbled across an ancient store of Jedi and Sith artifacts, and accidentally unleashed a Sith Lord's trapped spirit. The spirit began attacking the Jedi Padawan of the party, and trying to possess him (the player was leaving for a couple of weeks and I think the GM wanted to turn him into an NPC for the time he was gone). Well, being the loyal and devoted Antarian Ranger he was, Solm (my char) offered himself up to the Sith Spirit in exchange for the Padawan's life. He accepted, but I hid something from the Sith Spirit; just before I was being taken over by the spirit, I set my blaster to overload. Once the Sith took control of Solm's body, he got one round to attack the party before the blaster exploded. Solm died, and took the Sith spirit, still unaccustomed to Solm's body, with him.

So it was time to roll up a new character, but I threw my GM another curveball. I created a Ryn bounty hunter who was out to collect the bounty on the party. So, I infiltrated the group for a couple of sessions, but last night things exploded in my face. Through sheer luck, the party discovered that the friendly treasure hunter who just arrived in the party was actually a low-profile bounty hunter. They tried running (I mean, really, it's not like the 4 other characters couldn't have taken me down! sheesh), but I partially completed my mission. The party is now scattered to the four winds: the noble is stranded on Alderaan, forced to flee with refugees when his ship was destroyed by my employers; the slicer managed to limp back to the world we had been based on in his Y-Wing, only to find that me and the Empire had already been there and left by several days; the Jedi Padawan is fleeing the Star Destroyer Interrogator, which carries my bounty hunter and a certain High Inquisitor (props if anyone can guess who); the pilot and her Hoojib companion are with the Jedi. The noble and the slicer have no idea where anyone else is; they're essentially on their own. The Jedi, the pilot, the Hoojib, and an NPC Antarian Ranger named Rolrrothrra (Wookiee) are fleeing into unknown parts, with an Imperial Inquisitor in hot pursuit. I did my job well.

I'm going to continue playing the bounty hunter character, but working against the party with the Empire. The other players are cool with it; heck, they really think it's neat and are enjoying trying to outsmart me. Has anyone else had any similar experiences?
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