February 17th, 2002

Clockwork Inside

Need some input please! (also posted in the Dragoncon Journal)

I'm considering running an Espionage-Based LARP at Dragoncon this year. I'd like an idea of how many of you would be interested in (or would have friends that would be) playing, helping run, or even being a walk-on character (a couple of hours of your time) for this?

After seeing and participating in several over the years, I'm creating a system that should be easy to learn and fast to play... and more importantly, make sure that everyone has a good time and gets to participate.

The game would consist of up to 10 4-man teams of "super-spys" each with it's own objective, as well as a main underlying storyline. It will have an entrance fee, for supplies and such, but with the promise that the Adminstraitors of the game will go to any length to see that the game is enjoyed by everyone, everyone gets to play, and there are no unsightly "bog-downs" simply because someone wasn;t where they should be or they can't resolve that last clue.

Please, let me know what you all think, and make any suggestions you like.

  • skylion

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Hey y'all. I am working on background for a Gurps Deadlands game. It also has Steampunk, Cabal, a little Atlantis, and a ton of Sprits and Voodoo in it. Currently looking at bringing the default magic system inline with the Huckster system as present in G:DL. That system is really on the high end of the powerscale. So before I go any in explaination. Anyone have experience with both systems? Thanks.