February 14th, 2002

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absent-minded thoughts

I just joined my first play-by-email RPG a week or two ago, and frankly.. i'm kicking myself for not doing it years ago. The pace of PBM thoroughly agrees with me.. i love having an hour or two (or day or three) to contemplate a conversation, craft a scene, or appreciate a particuarly elegant move.

It seems espeically well-suited to the deeply social/poltitical game we've just begun. (freeform.) I've noticed, as well, that it gives one a lot more flexiblity in the characters one can play. (my currenly is a, intuitive, fast-thinking, deadly bastard of a man - something i would never never been able to pull off 'round the table or even in chat, and i think fairly slowly and am not given to quips or off-the-cuff repartee.)

anyway, just on my mind..

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(no subject)

HEllo! I am new to livejournal. I have been playing DnD for five years. I love it. I am looking to make new friends with similiar interests! Feel free to add me to your friends list and I'll add you back! Nice to meet everybody :)

OH! I almost forgot, happy valentines day!!!!!
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A shot at immortality

I posted a while back ago about a package of software I'm working on for d20 games, a DM's tool suite. Well, here I am again, with a bit of an update.

After a lot of contemplation (not really), I decided to make it non-d20 centric. I'm going to build an architecture that will allow developers (read: me) to add support for new gaming systems. It's going to provide a lot of features that I know I'd find useful, and hopefully others will too.

The one thing that I'm hung up on is a name. If ya'll could help me out by suggesting a name, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, feel free to give me suggestions for features that you would like in the comments on that post.
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