February 11th, 2002


has any GM here ever ran a prison-themed game?

I'm playing in a game where our characters have ended up in the Village from the Prisoner tv show, and some of us are trying to escape and others are enjoying the scenery. But it got me to thinking about prisons in general, like the chain gang in Cool Hand Luke or the penitentiary in The Shawshank Redemption. If I put my players into a prison like one of those, would they try to escape, and how would they go about doing it?
Where could i find resources for having an RPG prison like that?

Anyone have any ideas or suggestion? Or stories?
  • katen

Sorry for the re-/cross-post!

I've set up a character journal for the fighter I recently started playing. If you'd care to take a look, please do. The DM's plan is to take us through the classic Temple of Elemental Evil adventure and Slavers series. (I should probably include that as kind of a spoiler alert, huh?) Just click the link to take you to The Journal of Gertrude Hutchins.
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