February 10th, 2002


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In my future D+D campaigns, I feel the need to address the issue of social classes and how they would affect character developed. Now, rolling on a random table would stifle the players' creativity and could be unbalancing.

So anyways, I've decided to let players choose their social class. Each social class( commoner, middle, and noble are what I have so far) would have a small set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, the noble would have more money and possibly inherited items, but have a cap on physical ability scores. A middle class person with a merchant/tradesman back would have more skills and be able to obtain better deals on goods. A commoner would be somewhat stronger, and be well-welcomed in villages in towns, as commoners have more of a sense of group identity than rival tradesmen/shopkeepers and the conniving nobles.

I'm looking for more ideas for more classes and advantages and/or disadvantages, if anyone can help me out.