February 1st, 2002

  • mephron

From the Hero Games board:

(on the Release of Hero 5th Edition:)

We've been shooting for a release date to distro of 3/31, and that still looks good as of today. (Actually, we had originally been saying 4/1, but then it occurred to us that given Hero's checkered past a scheduled release date of April Fool's Day might be taken as a sort of sick joke by some and at least questionable taste by most. Since we *aren't* kidding, I had it changed to 3/31.)

Finally, the return of the Most Powerful RPG Of All Time to its prominence as the pinnacle of gaming. (And the Champions book expected in August (written by Aaron 'Fine! I'm a Champions Guru!" Allston), and Star Hero in late 2002.)

The ISBN is 1-58366-000-3. The product number isDOJHERO100. The name: Hero System 5th Edition.

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Okay, I admint it. I am not the best GM ever. I have GREAT ideas, my players all think so, but my implementation leaves something to be desired. Most of my campaigns never get finished, some only last into the second or third run.

Well, I'm starting a new fantasy game and I'm a little concerned about it not turning out stillborn. What I'm asking for is any advice you more experienced GMs might have for me that would help me keep my games going longer.