January 30th, 2002

Trouble in Paradise?

Seems like White Wolf Publishing is sailing into rough waters. Has anyone been keeping up with their case against the NPO Camarilla? A temporary restraining order was upheld on Friday by some judge out in Utah which prevents White Wolf from using the term "Camarilla." For the moment, Tim Harris and friends, the real Camarilla, can't use that title. This isn't the first time that White Wolf has had trouble like this. There was that incident over the name "Aeon" a few years ago, and a player in their Java Chats threatened to sue them over the rights to her character. How come I never hear about people suing Wizards of the Coast or taking them to court? Am I just so enamoured by White Wolf that I've missed everything else? *Sighs* Oh well. People need to grow up and let White Wolf do what it does best -- entertain. The fun ends when lawyers are called in, at least from my point-of-view.
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hey I'm new and stuff...I wanted to check it out, see what its all about. I haven't been into RP much lately, a few things happened a couple months ago regarding RP that I just havent quite gotten over yet. Mun relationships were shattered because of some..stuff...and yeah stuff. Anyhow, I loved it, it was a good stress reliever at times and I'd like to get back into some leisure RP. If your on AOL and know of any good diceless guilds let me know PLEASE!
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How you know you may have out-thought your enemy.

So my character in our D&D3 game gets challenged to a duel by a member of the party. He's a priest of a god that no one has heard of at all, but he's been seen to coup de grace fallen enemies with regularity (and his alignment is Neutral Evil). My character refused to allow him to do this at one point - we NEEDED prisoners - and was challenged to a duel.

So we agree to duel the next day. No spells at all can be used, no magic weapons. Just steel, skill and strength.

He goes off and trains, and practices. (His god's favored weapon is the Bastard Sword.) I go off, practice, and then go out doing some carousing.

We meet. Now, I'm a 4th level Fighter, he's a 3rd level Cleric/1st level Necromancer mage. But he has, of course, cheated, cast Bull's Strength and Aid on himself, putting us at relative bonuses parity.

My character shows up with a half-dozen men and women in tow. We draw weapons, and the men and women being to play their instruments, excepting one who wiggles his fingers and makes the dueling area glow.

So with the Dispel Magic (that cost me a buttload to have cast) done, the troupe of Bards I hired being to play my inspirational music. Not magic at all.... just filled me with resolve to WIN!

The look on his face was, in fact, priceless. So was the look when I had him at exactly zero hit points and and said, "I don't expect you to surrender." Then made the roll by just the right minus and did 6 points of Subdual Damage to him.

He never expected me to do any of this. Meanwhile, he knows my character's parents were both professional bodyguards and duellists, both IC and OOC. But this does not ever occur to him that my character might do something at all like this.


An amazing phenomenon.

I've found an amazing habit among LARP characters. I think we all have something to learn from these people.

Have you ever noticed that LARP characters never do any of the following:

-Sneeze, cough, yawn, etc.
-Laugh a lot or when inappropriate.
-Forget the Litany/Traditions/et cetera.
-Forget phone numbers.
-Forget anyone's name. Ever.
-Injure themselves.
-Et cetera...

Do any other STs ever have this problem? I know I do - then again, my gaming troupe makes it incredibly easy to get OOC (we just use a crossed-fingers hand sign) so people can just cross their fingers and say, "Uh, I didn't do that."

Any ideas? I'm thinking of offering small penalties or something - like a 1-Trait "karma" penalty on the next challenge. I don't want to dock XP - that seems a little drastic. I'm just getting sick of having one PC make a joke, then have fifteen players laugh uproariously and then chatter OOC for five minutes about how none of them thought it was funny IC.