January 29th, 2002

Just intoducing myself

Hi fellow gamers and well met.
I play just about everything. I also like to run things, once-in-a-while. I draw pretty good and often get drafted to make character sketches, paint miniatures, and get mapping duties.
I've been gaming since '81. Well, that's all for now.


Q: What is your favorite NON-role-playing sourcebook or supplement? And why?

A: For me it's the Timetables of History.
There is no narration whatsoever, it consists solely of pages and pages of yearly listings and the major events that happened in those years. It's great for creating a historical campaign, or if you want to write-up a generalized timeline for an alternate history. I use it for my Deadlands campaign, just so I can keep the general world history pretty accurate. In a superhero campaign it can be useful to know what countries went to war and what social and economic changes occured during "peacetime".