January 24th, 2002

ugh my head..., see what office life will get ya?

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I was probably overly bitter here in regards to the Camarilla. However, I don't expect any sort of response from them. Perhaps they meant in-game time rather than real time. In that case, I'd appreciate some sort of explanation of when they plan to spill the news. Oh, and if anyone would like to take the liberty of claiming copyright on my new name for the Camarilla, feel free and make sure to let them know it. :D

Religion in RPGs

Do you like a lot of religious detail in your RPG? I don't mean real-world religion or proselytizing. I mean details and attention paid to the rites and religious observances of the game world.

I'm very tempted right now to put a lot of it into my new setting. The reason being that the further back in history you go, the more all-pervasive religion seems to get, and the more serious people seem to take it.

A related issue would be sacrifices. Religions of all sorts have almost always practiced some sort of sacrifice, often animal, and even occassionally human. Would you be squicked or made uncomfortable by or generally not want to play in a world where this was the norm?

(sorry for the double post to anyone here that is also in DnDFanz)
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