January 18th, 2002

Buckle up buttercup.
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This is for people who play either LARP or table-top Vampire; The Masquerade.

I started thinking about the "If I were embraced a Vampire, I would be embraced by...." test and decided to post this.

Good and bad results of each clan.


Myself with a liscence to kill. Bad idea in any reality. Occasionally I have a grudge to settle with certain people and when I do... I don't let go. Especially when they are my 'elders'. Good side? I would love the discipline, honor and pride of the clan.


Bastards. Fuckers. Potty-mouthed children who wish they could become true vulgarians. The clan would be thinned by me. I fucking hate the Brujah! Where are the philosophers? The thinkers? Fuck the rabble! God damn it just makes me wanna PUNCH SOMETHING!!! (Myself with potence and celerity. Very much bad.)


Hunt. Everything I see.


As I have a wife and daughter I am catiously approaching this subject. No, I will not approach it cautiously. I will admit to either greeting the sun or, sadly, revelling in it and becoming far too good at it. (Geist sound familiar to anyone from the Kent State game?)


The shadows at my command? Path of night? Where the hell do I sign up? Oh... wait... the church? Hypocricy? Hmmm. Anti-tribe, maybe? Dunno.


Insanity is merely seing what everyone else will not. Truths yet bizzare truths. For instance, there is no human problem, either emotional, physical, spiritual or intellectual that cannot be solved with a judicious application of high explosives. If you think that is a joke, look at how people forget their problems and pull together when a bombing or disaster occours. All their problems just... go away.

Oh, and cancer cures everything.


I listen to everything but remember some of the worst shit. I would know every useless detail but forget where I was when I heard it.


Chimerstry.... Mmmmmmm. I'd hate the rest of my clan, tho. Light-fingered firecracker salesmen. Gheh.


Too cold. Slick, yes, but too cold. Don't know that I could do it.


They would hate me. And I would love them for it. They would want me to be an artist. I would be an entertainer. Base, common and popular. And my best friend would be a Nos. They would want me dead for that alone.


Obsessive-compulsive-little-man-syndrome-over-compensating-power-hungry-betraying-bastards. And they call the malks nuts. Lets remember something... the Tremere are ex-mages. Hermetics. Hermetics deal with spirits. They make deals with them for magic. They "became" vampires. A little INFERNALISM anyone? Fuckers.


Vissicitude? Yummy. Don't know why... but I would be such a whore for that discipline... and therefore be a good Tzim on path of Metamorphasis. Vykos. Mmmmm. It is my master.


An entire clan of people who think they all need to be in charge? *sigh* God damn, I would crack my skull beating it into a wall. I thought our old tuesday game could be frustrating because of the strong personalities.... *shudders*

Oh, and the Sabbat can suck a wet fart right out of my diseased, undead asshole. Brotherhood? Unity? Whatever. Psychotic, mouth-breathing parasites are all you wannabees are. And the Camarilla is worse! A monarchy disguising as a democracy! Bunch of self-serving, ass-licking sycophants praying for their chance to be the next ever-so-willing asshole to be fuckied by the prince's decrees.

Don't even get me started on the Anarchs. Useless. Snack-paks. Get a straw, diablarists.

Stereotypes are just that, and although each clan offers one, it is meant as a guideline for developing your own uniquity with characters. As is too often the case, however, you run into cookie-cutter, two-dimensional stereotypes.

Anyway. There. A gaming rant, symply because I have not been able to game in forever. Any comments or input on this strain I welcome.
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roleplaying online

Anyone out there big on role playing online? I've been looking for a really good online game, maybe a mud client, or whatever. But I haven't found anything I considered to be very good. What are some good ones you fellow roleplayers are familiar with?