January 14th, 2002

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Campaign Setting

Which do you guys prefer? To play a game in a setting you've read in books (Forgotten Realms, etc), or to play in a homebrew system that came fresh out of the GM's head? Oh, and don't forget the WHY...

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I had the most interesting idea for my upcoming Red Death campaign(in D20).

At the beginning of each turn, each player writes his character's action on a piece of paper(w/out showing the other players) and passes it up to the DM, who secretly determines iniative order.

This should have the effect of making combat more chaotic and confusing, and prevent players from quickly acting based on what other characters have done only seconds earlier.

What makes a good villain?

Hey all,

I just thought some of you would like to know about this. There's a great online talk show that is about roleplaying games and miniature wargames called "Gamer's Tavern." It's like a radio show, only broadcast over the internet, and you can call in via their toll-free number and talk about the night's topics. It's a great community place, and I think a lot of roleplayers, being the kind of people they are, would like the chance to discuss some of the different parts of gaming that make RPGs great. Tonight we'll be talking about villain construction. What do you want out of a villain, and when creating one for your campaign, how do you go about it? I just wanted to plug the show here so we could maybe get some of the great livejournal people to come and be livecallinshow people. ;)

To listen to the show, just visit http://www.gamerstavern.net and click on the "Listen Now" button. You'll need a program like Winamp or RealPlayer that can handle streaming audio, both of which are free downloads. And you can call in to the show via their toll-free number, 1-888-413-0704; first time callers get a FREE Gamer's Tavern T-Shirt. And join us in IRC chat channel #radioevolution on server irc.gws.org to chat live with the other listeners.

Tommorrow night at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST we'll be talking about villain construction, as well as plenty of other roleplaying gaming topics, and you should too!
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