January 13th, 2002

  • torch

(no subject)

i just reread over my entire taltos' series by brust because i had the time over winter break, and i like it just as much as ever. the characters are amazingly rich, the history is extraordinarily well-detailed, and the setting is varied as all get-out.

thus, it would make a good rpg.

however, due to my doubts that any system that can be conceived hasn't already been, i was curious if anyone had found a good system which at least simulates the land of dragaera. the main problem, as i see it, is the magic system in use in brust's books, since there are about 6 different kinds of magic. other than that and the rules dangers inherent if you intend to run the characters into any gods, jenoine, mystical places, or the like, it looks like it would be fair sailing with gurps.