January 8th, 2002

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"She will come to me, Master. I know this. After all, she IS me."

A quote for late in my Star Wars game's next 'season'.

I'm starting running Star Wars again tonight. Switching to the D20 system. GOD, this is going to be like coming home again.

Last season ended with the PCs captured by their arch-enemy, High Inquisitor Tremayne, who challenged Leena Nyx, the galaxy's least likely Jedi-in-training, to a battle. Tremayne won, leaving Leena minus one eye.

...and with the knowledge that she's his cross-gendered clone. (Part of an Imperial plan to make sure they have Force-users... by being sure they have proper breeding stock.)

The last season also had me run them through the old, old, OLD 'Otherspace' module, which is still the definative 'how do you deal with things' one for Star Wars; and a number of other adventures and missions. It's going to be very interesting.

Tremayne will not show up this season except in the background. He's going to be busy with other projects. I do, however, have a number of other people following them, at least two of which won't be there to do anything, just get information: an Imperial Intelligence operative and a ISB operative. The Intel op is an ACCOUNTANT who's been assigned to find out why Tremayne is keeping this woman's bounty down; the ISB op is trying to find out why this Intelligence op has been sent to follow this woman. (Isn't it GREAT having a bunch of covert organizations not sharing information? So many things can happen.)

I've just finished a bit ago converting the characters over to the D20 system, which turned out to be a bit less painless than I expected, really. A few Force powers were lost, because there's no equivalent at all in the D20 system and I prefer not to playtest new powers in this sort of situation, as it can ruin the game.

This should be FUN.
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garb help/advice


hi guys...haven't posted in a while really with an actual RP question ...so here goes

i play a gyspy in SOLAR and i'm looking to get a bit nicer quality outfit made for the days i dont wanna roll around in the dirt *grins* i'm looking for a different type pattern than a peasant shirt for the top of this outfit, and i can't do the choli top cause well...um i'm a big girl :)

does anyone have any patterns, or websites where i could find a pattern, for something gypsy-like to be made? or any suggestions?