January 7th, 2002

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Info on a "new" game?

Do any of you have any information or links you wouldn't mind giving me about the game Vampire: the Dark Ages? I'm a narrator for our local game, and until now we've played :the Masquerade, but we took a vote and the players decided to leave :the Masquerade for :the Dark Ages. I don't know anything about :the Dark Ages, and I don't have the opprotunity to get The Long Night (I think that's the title) until this weekend or next. If any of you have played it, or know about the new disciplines or influences or anything, the help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey guys!

I posted a few weeks ago about Gamer's Tavern, an online call-in show about roleplaying games that everyone here would really love! Basically, you tune into the show, and call in to their toll-free number in order to share your opinions. Plus, first time callers (probably all you guys) get a FREE Gamer's Tavern T-Shirt.

So, just make sure you have an audio program that plays streaming audio (Winamp and RealPlayer work best) and visit their website (http://www.gamerstavern.net), clicking on the "Listen Now" button to launch the feed. And, if you have an IRC client, check out the chat channel (server irc.gws.org, channel #radioevolution) to hang out with other listeners.

Come on out! It's every week, Mondays at 9 EST/6 PST.
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The D&D prestige classes kinda bug me... they're kinda unusual, and too much on the exotic side. The don't seem like they'd really fit in quite a few campaigns. At least they don't in mine, which is a pseudo-historic dark, gothic campaign.

I wrote up quite a few new ones.