January 6th, 2002

  • oronoda

I'm creating a race...

I am creating a race of kitsunes (fox people) for 3e D&D. This is what I have. I would like input:

+3 to Dex
-3 to Con
-2 to wis
"Pounce" which works like a sneak attack of 5d6 damage
entangle 5/day
bamboo forest 1/day (if you saw Yu Yu Hakusko you know what I mean)
favored class: ranger
challenge rating: guessing 7 or 8.
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Here are some concepts that I never got to fully write-up or play:
1) The Minotaur.
This character was from an alternate earth where fantasy races are the equivalent of nationalities. Germans, british, french and jews translate to minotaurs, elves, lizardmen, and dwarves respectively. He was a minotaur from 1930s nazi germany. The intent of the character was to create a moral dilemna within the party, he was totally honorable yet anti-semitic (directed towards dwarves). He was never fully written up because the campaign was time-travelling anti-nazi group who would've killed him on site because of his regalia.
2) The Golem.
This character was a golem who had no free will. A couple of directive commands determined his social behavior, and they could only be overridden by a rabbi. Character was basically a brick, heavy armor, huge damage reduction and ton-lifting strength. One punch from him to a normal human would've turned them into paste. Same campaign as above (ultimately I never joined which is why The Golem was never played but I still have the write-up).
3) The Razor.
A normal human with a suit of armor created with nanotechnology, composed of microscopic-sized razors that vibrated. He could run through matter while the suit was "on" and effectively had a killing attack that was always on. Never played because the GM thought the character was too lethal.
4) The Flesh Artist.
With the ability to manipulate and resculpt the flesh of living animals, this character was just too bizarre to be considered a superhero, but then I love creating moral dilemnas.