December 24th, 2001

The Fellowship of the Ring meets the Matrix

Frodo: (rubs forehead) Oh! Where am I?
Elrond: You.. are in... Rivendell... Frodo
Frodo: Who are you?
Elrond: Elrond
Frodo: (looks confused)
Elrond: It seems... you have been living... two lives... (pauses, looks at folder) In the Shire, you are Frodo Baggins... heir to Bilbo... with a garden... (pauses) on the road, you are stalked by dark riders and you call yourself... Underhill... (pauses) we are prepared to make you a deal... give us the ring and we'll forget about the Shire
Frodo: How about I give you a raspberry (makes 'pttt' sound) and you bring me Gandalf?
Elrond: You disapooint me Frodo
Frodo: You can't scare me with this elven crap! I know my rights! I want to see Gandalf!
Elrond: Tell me Mister Baggins... why would you want to see Gandalf... if you were... unable to speak?

(giggles inanely)

I've seen Fellowship of the Ring 3 times now!
Anyone else like it as much as me?