December 21st, 2001

Heart of glass

Fellow gamers, care to help in putting the smack down?

Ann Landers -- Friday, 12-21-2001

Dear Ann Landers: May I offer a different response to "Not Winning in Wisconsin," whose wife had become obsessed with playing computer games? You said he should be more attentive and take her out more often. Get real, Annie.

I know many people who have ruined relationships and damaged careers because they succumbed to the addictive nature of those online games. In the cyber world, you can be anyone you want to be. Everybody is young and attractive, financially secure, and so on. Also, these games rely on a community of others to play. The others begin to feel like "family." These factors contribute to the need to "be there" for the rest of the players.

A dinner out isn't going to make a dent in this addiction, Ann. In fact, chances are the wife will resent her husband for dragging her away from her wonderful friends who "understand" her. If he doesn't recognize her problem for what it is, those dinners out could make the situation worse.

Interactive gaming is a serious addiction. People who are hooked need professional counseling. I know because I have -- Been There, Gotten a Divorce and Am Still Playing

Dear Been There: Thank you for giving me an insider's viewpoint. According to your signature, you are now divorced because of your inability to beat the gaming addiction. Have you considered counseling? If not, I hope you will look into it. There IS help for you if you are willing to accept it.


Now, I've written her, and if you want to put a little rebuttal of your own, you can e-mail Ann Landers
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