December 19th, 2001

  • skylion

Seeing things....

I had the pleasure of watching O, Brother, Where Art Thou. Jayson and I watched it together at his place this past Monday. After about 15 or so minutes I turned to Jayson and said, "Ya know, George Cloony's character reminds me of alot of characters out of role-playing." Vis a vis, he has to have the exact brand of "hair jelly", must sleep, even outdoors, with a hair net, is constantly combing his hair. This is like a huge character disadvantage "Hair must be Perfect", thing.
That, and the movie is like a rpg adventure. They meet a seer that tells them about thier future. They meet a bunch of weird NPC's that either help or hinder them. All the characters have goals to meet, Cloony's Ulysees, keeping his hidden and such. And they are in search of a treasure. With a deadline attached. I hope I haven't given away anything to people who wanted to see the movie, but it has been out awhile.
Then Jayson and I agreed, that if you play rpg's long enough, the directions for making a can of soup, reads like and adventure.
Are we on crack or sumpin?