December 17th, 2001


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I would just like to say that, in my humble opinion, these people will be the definitive writers for source material for 3rd ed D&D/the d20 system. Mongoose Publishing, a new gaming publisher based in the UK, has appeared on the scene and within a year of existance has put out some of the best gaming books I have seen in some time. Their products include the wildly popular Encyclopaedia Arcane, the Slayer's Guides, Traveller's Tales, and the Collector's Series.
Their initial publication, The Slayer's Guide to Hobgoblins, was the first installments of their series that gives life, psychology, and general depth to the entries of the D20 monsterous manual. This series proves an extraordanary resource for DMs seeking to breathe life into their villains and enemies. The Encyclopaedia Arcane series of books, which currently is comprised of Demonology and Necromancy, with plans for Chaos Magic and Constructs in first half of next year, takes a look into both alternate forms of magic for the d20 games and deeper looks into standard systems. Mongoose Publishing has also created the Travellers' tales series, the primary book at this point being Seas of Blood, an in-depth and fascinating guide to the often ignored relm of the seas. Pushing the envelope by covering the mundane to the fantastic, these books seek to show DMs how to expand their campaigns and worlds into the omnipresent but often ignored corners.
The Collector's series, however, is what I have my eye on. In second edition D&D the class handbooks were often useful and vastly interesting works that many a player and DM found fascinating and empowering, however many have found their 'cannon' third ed counterpart guidebooks to be somewhat less. The Collecter's series promises to return life and vitality to the relm of class books. Returning to the tradition of one class per book and the concept of flexible content these books promise to have ideas and rules that will have players and dungeon masters a like lining up to have these books.
So I repeat, Mongoose Publishing is the group to watch for new games content, the place where the bar will be set for all other D20 publications.