November 30th, 2001

For those of you who don't use traps...

This trap doesn't use magic, it doesn't use monsters, you don't even have to have anyone but the party trigger it, and the trap actually exists. It was built by pirates in the late 1700s and it still confounds modern engineers today. The Money Pit of Oak Island is what I'm referring to, and rather than go into long detail about the trap I can first point you to THIS WEBSITE to get the basic story. To see a diagram of the trap GO HERE and then click on the "pit diagram" link.
I think lys1123 and blackmanxy will enjoy this, as well as anyone else who read or posted to the trap discussion earlier.
Heart of glass

Fodder for plots, SLs, and angst!

If you have characters with any kind or form of psionic abilities, and you want inspiration for 'fics or angsty RP plots...

Go to the library or bookstore and get Kay Hooper's stuff.

Stealing Shadows, Hiding in the Shadows, and Out of the Shadows are mostly geared toward telepathy, but touch on a few other aspects as well; clairvoyance, foresight, communicating with the dead.

Her latest, Touching Evil, is a must-read for someone who writes or role-plays an empath. Given the themes the "Shadows" books followed, I think it's also a safe bet that Whisper of Evil, due to be released come spring, will probably stick to a strongly empath theme.

They're all connected -- FBI Agent Noah Bishop and his specialized unit of psychic/psionic agents appear in all of them, although they're not always the stars. Very fast-paced, very gripping and raw and brutal murder mysteries. They're beautifully and masterfully written, and keep you guessing until the end.

And oh, the little Angst-plot part of my brain is just working overtime... particularily for the resident empath characters in my RPG.