November 29th, 2001

Request for info: Superhero Games

Can anyone recommend a good superhero system with a non-random character generation method? One with a wide scope for a variety of heroic styles, from 4-colour to noir(ish) but easily understandable rules and without heavy emphasis on combat...

Or am I going to have to try to track down GURPS Supers?

I've just been reading the rules for Golden Heroes, and boy are they confusing. I want something that allows real world skills to be combined easily with heroic abilities.

I seem to be talking myself into going down the GURPS road. Hmmm. Thoughts?

Convention: DragonMeet 2001 (

And while I'm in a posting mood, anyone in the UK or more specifically London might want to know there's a one day gaming convention this Saturday, DragonMeet.

In their words: "The convention will cover all areas of adventure-gaming. Roleplaying, board- and card-games, strategy games, collectible-card games, wargames, miniatures and live-action games will all be represented, with manufacturers taking booths and organising official demonstrations and competitions. There will be a profusion of retailers selling new and out-of print games and accessories, plus talks, panels and workshops, an auction and other events still to be announced."

Guest of Honour is John Kovalic.