November 24th, 2001

"Dragon-Blooded Looks /Really/ Bomb"

The developer of Exalted, Geoff Grabowski, decided to drop by the Exalted Java Chat at White Wolf Online. He answered a few questions, discussed upcoming releases and cleared up a few issues that he plans to permanently absolve in his next errata. So, what's coming in 2002? Castebooks Zenith, Twilight and Night, Time of Tumult, Savage Seas, Games of Divinity, Dragon-Blooded and of course the Lunar Exalted hardcover.

"Graceful, Twisted Masks" is a future release (2003?) planned for the Fair Folk. The Wyld itself will be detailed in the Lunar Exalted book. Dragon-Blooded sounds very exciting - there are going to be five new styles of Martial Arts, one for each of the Five Elemental Dragons. Isn't that cool?

Castebook: Dawn

I bought Castebook: Dawn yesterday. It's a really good book written from the in-character perspective of five different Dawn Castes, including Dace. It hasa few new Charms, tons of Artifacts and some really cool visions of the First Age. Definately check this one out.
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Encumbrance by volume?

I know that when I look at the description for a bag of holding or other similar containers, it says that it can hold X weight or Y volume. However, when it comes down to the characters themselves, I can only find rules for encumbrance by weight. Is there some rule that says "you can only cary so much volume" or "You can only carry so many items before you have to start putting them in packs" or is it just a reasonable assumption that the characters have pouches, packs, and the like?

How do you all handle that kind of thing?