November 21st, 2001


Initial teaser story for the new LARP I am going to run. Any suggestions?

Some days you gotta kick back and say "What the fuck?" Other days, you just need to run and hide. I've been living in this shit hole for over a century now, and I still hate it. Grunge was nice, it felt like home, but the city was still shit. And now they have tours through my realm. "The Seattle Underground" they call it. The Fallen City is my domain and I'm tired of fuckin' tourists skirting the edges of my home. Thankfully, the workers all know to stay on the marked paths and not to stray.

I've seen it all. I've seen a port city founded by 'Seamstresses' with red lights on their doors turn into a mechanical wonder. I watched the mortals of this city prove to the world that they could create a useless structure and put a restaurant on top of it before any other city had the chance. Dumbass needle. I even went up Columbia Tower, that big black monster that scrapes the sky, and looked down on the city. Nearly frenzied in fear, but I did it. However, I haven't seen anything nearly a strange as what has occured here in the past 18 months.

Malkavians have always been a force in this city. People blamed the early prostitution on Setites and Brujah, but they were foolish. An entire town run on prostitution, a city with more seamstresses than any other in the world, and no one noticed. Who do you think could accomplish that? Later, much later, freeways were built. Large highways stretching through my little shithole tying in bizarre knots. Congestion started to form immediately. Now we are having highway shootings. Hell, we even have a term for what we experience when we are stuck in traffic. "Road Rage." It's all a Malkavian conspiracy if you ask me, but don't quote me on that.

So Malks had a hand in the city. Every other clan did as well, so no big deal, right? Wrong. Before all this happened we had a different Prince. A big burly Brujah named Claudius. He was a reformer, he wanted things to start to return to what he calledthe 'old ways' and who were we to disagree? Things went well, there was a senate of Vampires and we began to flourish and spread like a plague. Especially the Brujah. Strangely this growth paralleled the explosion of Grunge. Draw your own conclusions. Then came Dec 31st 1999.

12 Elders died that night under the fangs of Neonates. Over the coming months 47 would follow them. I don't know how many of our childer died at our fangs, in the end there were too few of us left to count. Those of us who survived became hunted beasts. We stayed underground, fearing the fangs of this mob of children who screamed for our blood. For over a year I lived like that, begging for help from other cities. Begging for someone to come and save me from this new Anarch city. But no one came to our aid.

I retreated to my Fallen City and fed on rats, tourists, anything I could find in my sanctuary. And I waited. That is what our kind is most skilled at. Waiting. Outliving. And so that is what I did. Slowly darkness crept in on me and I slipped into Torpor.

My new Prince, Janosh, woke me. He was not content in hiding and waiting. When I woke the Anarch threat had been destroyed by him and his companion, Edwardo. I do not know how many he killed, or the particulars of the attack. However, I do know that he was drenched in the blood of Anarchs and one does no question someone with that level of power.

He has allowed no further Malkavians in the city. To my knowledge he is the only Malkavian alive in Seattle and intends to keep it that way. He is quite powerful and bloodthirsty. As our previous Prince was content in letting the traditions slide, Prince Sevekla does not want to follow in his footsteps. I cannot say that we, the Elders of the city, disagree with him. Those months were some of the darkest of my life and I do not want to return to them ever again. He is a ruthless leader, but we are content in the knowledge that he /will/ keep us safe.

Since then I have served Prince Janosh Sevekla III to the best of my abilities. I am loyal to him, however I am also loyal to Clan Nosferatu and as you are my sire I write to you these things. Do with them as you wish.

House of Cards