November 19th, 2001


University of Washington Big Game of Cheese: A quasi rant

So Eliza and I dropped by the UW big game of cheese and it is what we expected. A big game of cheese. So here goes my run-down.

Eliza and I showed up and decided to play a couple old school vamps. The ST told us he needed Malks so we obliged him. Playing characters with derangements that were not visible and with a rigid sense of society. This is a mistake in most games because most players couldn't play a malk even if their lives depended on it. So anyway, on to the story.

After making our characters, I was Eliza's servant and bodyguard, we set out to meet the prince. This proved to be some difficulty because the Prince, the Seneshal, the sheriff, and the keeper of Elysium were all missing. After having to deal with several TERRIBLE roleplayers (god I swear bad RPers flock to malkavians like frenchmen to brothels) we found the Primogen of the Malks. This was played by the ST.

It is often a bad sign when the ST of a game is not storytelling, but rather playing a character.

Anyways, he was playing a standard "silly malkavian" and claiming that 'pranks' were a reason to be rude, disrespectful and cause to pick a fight. Later he claimed to be the prince and appointed a scourge. This didn't impress Eliza or I and we continued to try to find the real prince.

This hand puppet Malky then goes and picks a fight with me, gets disembowled (because I'm hardcore) and it becomes a matter of the law. We finally track down the damn prince and he doesn't do a damn thing about it. Then we find the sheriff and he doesn't do anything about it either.

So we pull the rest of the Malks together and set to work to get this shitty malk out of office. It works. It also comes out that they voted a setite into primogen who was masquerading as a malk.

Now this is why malks get no respect in games and why only advanced players should be allowed to play malkavians. I hate this shit. Grrrr.

So anyway, the ST clearly wasn't pleased with what we accomplished at game and was grumpy about his character. If I return I might clue him in on the fact that he should be storytelling, not roleplaying. Anyway, the other players we played with wanted us to return and talked about how they wanted to make a coterie with us. Hah! See, this is what happens when you join a large game where no one RPs and you start doing some serious RPing. People come en masse to play with you.

The narrators were the main problem. Players were constantly dropping out of character in the middle of scenes, it was awful. But the narrators constantly were entering scenes, causing random chaos to ruin good RP, and then leaving without doing any follow up. They were very very very bad narrators.

So after some thought about that unfortunate game I have come to a conclussion about it. First, the players need examples of good RP because right now... they suck. And I dont think it is their fault, I blame the management. Second, the game needs new management. This game allows all white wolf creatures and is about the cheesiest thing I've ever seen. Third, this game needs rules. As far as I can tell there are no rules. They aren't using Table Top or Minds eye theatre. Forth, this game needs player rules such as no ST characters and one character per player (some players, including the ST, had 3-4 characters). Fifth, this game needs a new location. Playing in a garage is pretty damn ghetto. Sixth, the players need to learn more about what they are playing. Vampires wouldn't suck on cigarettes all night long, it's too damn dangerous.

Basically, the game sucked but there were a few players who might have been worth saving. What would be nice would be to create a splinter faction with the good RPers from the game and build a good game.

This game wasn't as bad as the MS game me, Eliza, and Joe took over in one night and then never returned. However, it wasn't, by any stretch of the imagination, good.

The problem is that you need an ST who is a nazi and will be a hardass about rules and reality. It's the only way you can have a decent game. Otherwise you have issues like we saw in the UW game. Fucking True Brujah and mummies. What the fuck.

Seattle LARP. An old concept but something I'm still thinking about.

So after going to a couple Seattle LARPs I realized Seattle sucks for LARPing. Go herefor my account of the UW larp.

Would anyone be up for a good LARP? If we had a good starting player base I bet it could get off the ground rather quickly.

Having a game where ST involvement is minimal. The rules are hard and fast. There are no twink characters. Prestation and Society are where power lies, not disciplines. Is that something that people would be interested in?

Seattle needs a decent game, damnit.