November 16th, 2001

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Back from the dead....

Ok roleplayers, here's a question for you:

On a post a while back, someone was describing their D&D session and made a comment something like, "so we died, and we got raised, and..." Several people commented that it seemed they were brought back to life a little too easily....

So my question is, how common are Raise Dead spells or Resurrections in your FRPG? Are players allowed to come back to life every time they die? Or is it when you're dead, you're dead? Interested to hear some opinions...

In my campaign, raises are usually obtainable, but usually for a great expense and/or a quest for the temple providing the Raise Dead. Usually the temple has to be either one of the god of chracter, or at least the same alignment to even consider it. Resurrections are far less common, always requiring a quest, usually of great danger.
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The first review for my D20 module Shadows Under Thessalaine has hit the web, and it's generally a positive one! :-)

Click here. You'll have to scroll about halfway down the page, since there are two reviews on the one page.

Assuming you're interested, of course. ;-)
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