November 14th, 2001

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i am a storyteller for a Minds Eye Theater, Vampire the Masquerade game, i post this as a monument to the "genius" of one of the "special" players in the game:

using my church influence I arrange to have hunters at the next gathering.

to this young man will go this chronicles twinky award....

And so I rant...

So I was running this goddamned Exalted game, right. apestyle, lithera,fireballof3,devilwind, and starknokage were in it. I had it all worked out and had a ~2 year long plot arc because the players wanted a long and epic game. I talked to them separately about what they wanted in a game and tailored it to their desires. I let them come from anywhere in the world and they I had to work out how they got together. I did everything.

So I ran it for about 8 weeks. During this time I was missing at least 1 player for 4 of the sessions. A couple players couldn't make it to the first game. Then starknokage, after bitching about the game because he expected a "So you are in a tavern and you have a mission" game, decided to just not show up to game at all without telling anyone. Then I had a player skip because of work. Then I had the same player feel iffy about his car and not want to drive out for another game. Then I had fireballof3, who's character was the focal point of this part of the plot, not show up to TWO games in a row and gave me only 6-12 hours warning each time. The consequence was I had to cancel game because the game couldn't continue with the main character missing.

Now add to that the fact that during this time I've had to deal with travelling to So Cali, work problems, family tragedy, sleep deprivation, and all sorts of other problems that made me want to be ANYWHERE but game and you start to see why I'm annoyed. I never missed game because I made a committment to the players and knew if I skipped that game would have to be cancelled. So I was there everytime no matter what.

So I said "Please give me lots of warning if you can't make it and please dont skip anymore." So what happened this week? I got an email in the morning telling me that a player wasn't going to make it. I had about 8 hours warning right after I asked for my players to both make it to game this week AND give me warning about any games they are going to miss.

Motherfuckers. I was totally taken for granted and I'm blindingly pissed off by this all.

So the result is I have a 2 year long plot arc that no one will ever see because game had to be cancelled because I had good for nothing unreliable players.
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Question of Game Mechanics

What do you think are the ideal set of game stats? That is to say, if you were designing your own game what would you include and why? Would you divide them into subcategories (ie White Wolf's Physical, Mental, and Social)? Would all of the stats be independent or would you have calculated stats as well (ie Running = Str + End / 2)?

I am interested to see what everyone has to say, especially since there is such a wide variety of systems already available and different people may have had different experiences than I have.

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just a lil question

whats your weapon of choice?

strictly fantasy-weapons, no modern firearms ;)

any interesting (maybe improvised?) weapons nobody ever heard of? or do you stick plainly to ye good ole sword?
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D&D prices

Just thought I'd give everyone a heads-up. If you're planning to buy any of the three D&D core books, now's the time to do so.

As many of you may know, Wizards of the Coast has said since before the first book was released that the $19.95 cover price was temporary. The time, it appears, has come.

As of December 21, the price of the core books will be going up to $29.95. Not horrendous, but not great like it was.

Figured you'd all like to know.