November 13th, 2001

the queen liked her naps

need some help brainstorming, sorta

hi all, haven't posted in a while. i'm still working on developing my gypsy character for SOLAR. i've gotten the name:

keja zofi matskalla of tribe and natsia kalderasha.

now, first game i played her in, she was simply winter, and i dn't think i could get the people in the guild to call me anything but at this point, so i'm looking to use it as a nickname of sorts--but i'm having trouble coming up with a good background reason for the nickname, it's not exactly rom.

so i'm posting this up here for suggestions--any ideas on a nice little (short) story about it?


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My friend orcanomis and I were chatting on yahoo yesterday and there is a very cool IMvironment there called THE LAST SHOT COMIC well in this comic strip style IMvironment there are some pretty consistent characters and we noticed, (or rather I noticed)that we were pretty much being cast as the same characters consistently... This of course led to some really fun roleplaying.... For as you know all good roleplayers must improvise where they can...Muwahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahaha!
Thank you much...and without further ado...

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