November 9th, 2001

Alec Ross JLA

The best advert for adventurers ever

"Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success."

From Shakletons Nimrod expedition I'm going to mess it about a bit and use it to try and get some RPG's going
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  • mattyj

Who wants to help the newbie?!

OK. Here's your chance to prove what a kind and generous soul you truly are. Just take a few moments of your time and do me a miniscule little favor.
I've been rather intrigued by the whole world of Roleplaying for some time now, but I've never taken an active role in it (puns. Ouch. =P). Anyway, I want to try to get into something. Anyone have any suggestions of how to go about it? I'd be rather appreciative.
Many thanks in advance.
  • blark

d20 campaign settings


So I've got a question about d20 campaign settings (as the subject implies) that I'm unable to answer myself because I'm not a super-avid D&D player. It goes as thus, in three parts...

1) What's an example of a really good campaign setting book for the system (well put-together, easy to read, doesn't irritate you)?
2) What's an example of a terrible campaignsetting book?
3) For the at least one of you who've had something d20 published, what's a good publisher to deal with?

An idea is blossoming in my head, and if it works out I'm going to submit it somewhere. But first, I want to look at some books to get an idea of how they're laid out and whatnot. Research is key, as they say (well, someone must say it).


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The previous post brings up a good point.

I only joined a few months ago, so I don't know if this has been done, but - a listing of where everyone is from might not be a bad idea.

I know we're always looking for new gamers for my group, since we have migrating college students. (two, who are almost always at school during gaming weekends. Ugh)

Anyway -- I'm in Quantico, VA. (well, I'm -very- near it) which is just about 30 minutes south of Washington, DC. Where's everyone else?