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Tuesday, November 6th, 2001
6:32a - The perfect gaming room...
My gaming room is neat, sure. Not perfect, but I am ever in the quest to move it that step closer to the ultimate gaming environment. It currently contains a massive oak table, a couch (which is a bit too low for the table. Need to boost it up by at least 6 inches, maybe a foot.), several bookcases full of mostly RPG and fantasy books, a good source of overhead lighting, and room enough to maneuver around when someone gets up.

I received two nice additions for my birthday: A rack holding what appear to be four cold-forged iron swords, two straight and two curving. Also, a decorative chest plate, made specifically for hanging from a wall.

I'm doing a bit of cleaning and re-arranging, and found a large bulletin board, and suddenly got an image in my head from the Hero's Quest Games: The Hero's Guild.

It might be a little cheesy, but I was thinking of posting the bulletin board up betwixt or near the swords and chest plate, with some manner of banner over it proclaiming "Hero's Guild News." I could pop some gaming news up, as many of my players are interested, but have not the means or the time to keep up with it. I was also thinking of posting up "Random Rumors." Stuff they may have heard while traveling between adventures, or on the street, or really anytime we're not roleplaying what they're doing. These could be adventure hooks, and would allow the players to get some ideas of what they might wish to do, investigate, or avoid.

Some other things I'll be incorporating into the gaming room:

  • A computer for playing MP3s for campaign music, etc.

  • A computer (likely a different one) rigged with mic and webcam to do gaming via the net. This one might take some work to get perfect, but I love tinkering.

  • Lots of candles or adjustable lamps, for when I need the light dimmed for the mood.

Anyone else have any suggestions or comments on the board or the gaming room in general?

current mood: thoughtful

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6:10p - Anyone play Deadlands?
Or have an interest in it?
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