October 29th, 2001

Star Wars RPG

I'm about to be forced to start up a Star Wars RPG--which is fine, as it's the only "sci fi" game that most of my players will play. The other option was to play Spelljammer. In any case, I want to run the West End Games Star Wars, since I prefer the system and especially the space combat as compared to the D20 version. Now, I don't have the D20 game, so I'm judging that solely based on reviews.

I'm tracking down some of the old WEG game supplements. I was wondering, does anyone have any idea of the, I don't know, "top 5 must have" supplements? The game will take place post-Rebellion Era in a relatively isolated and sparesly populated sector.


..it sucks. i've had lil time to rp these last couple weeks. and i'm deprived. i've been thinking of starting a . . notebook. through the lj users, like i dont know. i joined this friendship notebook thing and you just pass notebooks about people and the notebooks and things and i dunno it'd be cool to get role players doin it. start an SL and just send it out through a buncha people. and you never know who is going to end up with it. but when they get it they hafta post to say they recieved it so we know if the note book is lost or something. . . anyways it's just an. .
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OK, I just finished the stats for the characters a friend and I are planing in Yet Another Friend's online game, using BESM/Ghost Dog/Tri-Stat as the underlying mechanics. I'm rather proud of the resulting characters:

Mary Theresa DiRitorrio -- Italian/Russian Buttongirl for the PA Mob
Alan deCroix -- Explosion-Happy "Cleaner" for the PA Mafia

Yes, if you were wondering, everyone involved is, in fact, tightly bound to the mob, and typically not exactly a nice person. It should be a trip. :)
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